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No. 15

Design Concept

“Jazz washes away the dust of everyday life. “– Art Blakey

Jazz is a constant flow, flow of music in the soul. A connection of the senses in an indescribable way, merging them into a unique feeling.

My approach was to connect the letters of the word “JAZZ” as a multidimensional bridge composition with a memorable vibrant color palette. A bridge as foundation from the rich heritage of the festival to the newest editions. An audiovisual expression of the character of this event, it’s energy and groovy mood. Music in motion, both figuratively and literally.


Ivan Kashlakov (Bulgaria)

Born in 1993 in the historical town of Sliven, Ivan Kashlakov is a visual artist and a Web & Graphic designer based in Sofia, Bulgaria. He graduated with BA and MA at the National Academy of Art in “Poster and visual communication”.

He is an Executive Director member at United Designs Alliance (UDA), Honorary member of China Europe International Design Culture Association (CEIDA) and Graphis Professional Membership. Took part in 180 group international exhibitions around the world with posters, paintings, and drawings.

Received 36 awards among which:

Gold Award / Graphis Protest Posters 2, 2021(USA);

Communication Art’s Award of Excellence in the 11th 2021 Typography Competition (CA);

Prize for Young Author – 9th International Triennial of Stage Poster– Sofia 2019 (Bulgaria)

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