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Montreux Jazz Festival China 2022 Poster Revealed

Thank you for your participation!

Montreux Jazz Festival China has just revealed the winner of the 2022 Poster Design Competition!

Based on the selection of our professional jury and 8,500 valid public votes, the work by Chinese female artist Lewei Wu will be the official poster for the second edition of the Montreux Jazz Festival China, which will take place in October Hangzhou. 



The poster uses the color texture of music score papers to create a warm yellow tone. The stave in the middle is bent into a bridge of music, in accordance with the theme of this year’s competition “Bridge”. Below the bridge, the English letters of the Montreux Jazz Festival China 2022 are stitched together to form a crowd of people, reflecting the lively and happy feeling of the music event. The red and black colors are used to show a combination of pureness and enthusiasm, just like the mix of serious oriental music and passionate western jazz music. Like a curving line, it develops infinity and aims to bring people a sense of freedom, hope, and joy. 

海报使用了乐谱纸张的颜色质感,形成偏暖黄色调。在海报中间,弯曲五线谱变成音乐之桥,呼应今年海报设计比赛的主题“桥”。在音乐之桥下面, 爵士音乐节的英文字母穿插拼接在一起,形成人连人,营造音乐节热闹快乐的氛围。红黑两种颜色是纯粹和热情的碰撞,如东方音乐的严肃和西方爵士乐的热情相结合。天空的飞鸟犹如一条曲线,在无限中自由发展,带给人自由和希望的感觉。 

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The poster’s artist Lewei Wu is a Chinese graphic designer who specializes in visual communication design. Her aim was to convey a feeling of warmth and peace in uncertain times, using music as a cultural bridge to bring people together in celebration of life and love. 

海报创作者吴乐薇是一名平面设计师,专攻视觉传达设计。 她创作此海报是想能在生活充满不确定性的当下传递温暖与和平的信息,并借用音乐作为文化桥梁将你我聚在一起,为生命和爱祝福。 


TOP 20 Designs

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The First Montreux Jazz Festival China 2022 Poster Design Competition in the theme of “Bridge” has been launched on 1st January 2022, and hit the deadline on 1st March. We have received more than 160 works from 16 countries, including China, Switzerland, Italy, Poland, France, Nigeria and etc.

Our 7-member jury panel have assessed all the works from 2nd to 15th March and chose the following TOP20 works for public voting. 

Combined with 7-member jury panel scores as well as public votes, Montreux Jazz Festival China 2022 Poster is revealed on 24th March.

Below are the TOP20 works as well as their design concept. Please click the posters below to read all about their artists and their design concepts.

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