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Hangzhou Jazz Lake Note

ARTIST: SOUK LE SOLEIL  (FRENCH)                                       

HONG KONG     2020

It is the Trumpet West Lake Note Pavilion.

This note woke up the Erhu dragon who give the tea dance to the three eternal goldfish (Love, Respect, Faith)

Technique: Acrylic on wooden board

It is the mix and influenced by traditional Chinese ink painting, Spanish surrealism, Italian renaissance Sfumato, with French street art touch.

The technique of Sfumato, was an ancient technique from renaissance Italian painting and invented by Da Vinci.



SOUK LE SOLEIL is a French Artist and painter.

He was born in Laos, raised, and educated in the south of France.

Over the years, he has been inspired by various renowned artists in both traditional and digital art in France, Souk creates with his positive energy and passion in life, so to have his message of art be delivered.

He adapts the technique of “SFUMATO” in which to allowing tones and colors to shade gradually into one another, producing softened outlines or hazy forms.

Souk’s artworks were selected by Macau Yacht Show (2018), Art Basel (2014), Affordable Art Fair (2013) and many galleries in France, Japan & Hong Kong. Some of them belong to private art collectors after showcased in various exhibitions and art fairs.


Screenprint. Printed on half-matte coated paper 310gr


​27cm x 40cm