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No. 7

Design Concept

This poster comes from my hand-painted works and is inspired by my thinking about the "bridge". When people listen to music, it is easy to escape into a space between reality and fantasy. This space is caused by the rhythm, melody, and even vibration of music, which is similar to a state of meditation. The origin of music therapy can also be said to come from the early primitive tribes of mankind, in which wizards have the responsibility of managing music activities and doctors, as well as shamanism in religion. Music is a bridge between reality and fantasy. All hand-painted parts come from creations similar to "unconscious". As a pure artist, when making posters, I hope to show more music, humanities, fantasy, meditation, and responses to the theme "bridge" through thinking about the depth of the theme.


Yu Wenjie (China)

Yu Wenjie (b.1997) was born in Shanghai. He graduated from the Department of Experimental Arts of the Chinese Academy of Fine Arts with a bachelor's degree and a graduate student from the Sculpture Department of the Royal Academy of Arts (RCA). Now he works and lives in London.

He is an artist who pays attention to the contradictions, conflicts and connections between the individual and the world. From his own perspective, as a skeptical but naive young man, he criticizes the world in a sharp but humorous way. In addition to the outside world, he is also an artist dedicated to exploring human self-awareness. His works jump in combination with history and the future, showing that "the present is both the past and the future". His inspiration system is huge and complex, so it is difficult to find specific inspiration clues in his works. He is a mixed and vague artist who is good at translating his spiritual world directly into real-world colors and images through his works.

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