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No. 6

Design Concept

The reason for choosing vintage building blocks is that they have a long history with jazz, building blocks can be freely formed, just like improvisation in jazz, and improvisation in music. she chose some important elements of jazz, and some elements related to China, Hangzhou and Switzerland on the patterns of the building blocks, implying that musicians came to Hangzhou, China from Switzerland. The saxophone building blocks blowing under the bridge come from the story of jazz legend Sonny Rollins who was retreating from the spotlight and practicing under the bridge. After returning, he recorded the album with the same name "Bridge".  Several hands of different colors are also added to the poster, implying that different races build Bridges of Music together.


Qulin Lan is a Hangzhou-based illustrator, who has created a series of Jazz Girls graphic design. She is a jazz lover, and her boyfriend is a jazz musician of a local Hangzhou band. She has a little black kitten who can play famous jazz songs like “On the sunny side of the street” “Blue Monk”.

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