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No. 5

Design Concept


The first rays of sunlight illuminate sections of the guitar and Jixian Pavilion on West Lake in Hangzhou. Yellows, reds, oranges, violets... are the colors of light at the beginning of a new day that, as it progresses, will illuminate the west, in shades of blue and dark purple.

In the upper right corner, the silhouette of the Château de Chillon in Montreux, on a pentagram bridge that joins the guitar neck, spirit of the Jazz Festival and that is complemented by the other pentagram bridges that join the musical instrument in different sections.

The design uses a vertical chromatic division that represents the theme of the contest: Bridges. The Connection.

The shape of a deconstructed guitar is the visual center of the design that is presented under the title of “The dawn of the Jazz Festival”, a different vision of a traditional musical instrument that is achieved by simplifying its structure into modules that are connected at a point in its layout, generating the recognizable profile in which the inlets and outlets alternate.

Inside the described pattern, other instruments are part of this "machine" are included: the double bass, the piano, the sax... and the guitar.

From all this set of elements flows the “Swing”, the atmosphere that you will enjoy at the Montreux Jazz Festival China 2022.


José Manuel Otero Amoedo (Spain)

Born in Ferrol (Galicia, Spain) more than 60 years ago, graphic designer with a professional career of more than 30 and for more than 20, he live and exercise her professional activity in Madrid, developing projects both nationally and internationally. In 1999, founding the design studio Walter Lance, offering to companies and institutions creativity and consulting services being his work for LA VUELTA ESPAÑA, which has achieved the greatest diffusion and recognition on a national and internationally through its visual identity and the Spanish Round posters since 1990 until 2008.

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