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No. 4

Design Concept

It is common to see that a bridge is a connecting bond. In my opinion, more importantly, the bridge is a fixed-length three-dimensional link. The bridge is the space at the junction of water and the sky in the sense of the fleeting time. Here in the poster it is the habitat of people's hearts, open yet mysterious, temporary and infinite, regardless of any cause and purpose.

The romantic scenery of the water waves under the bridge reflects the soft sunlight in the air, which is people's new expectations for tomorrow. At the same time, it stirs up the faint images and lines that outline the musical instruments, and the music surges quietly in people's hearts. People hurry past and pace leisurely, even if no one stands on the bridge, happy or sad, looking at a moment of feeling or reverie from afar, the scenery slowly stretching in the distance , while the lake is rippled with the rhythm of music, and flowing with people's haunting eyes.

This period of time and space are like every Montreux Music Festival. Though The festival is over, the dancing, the cheering crowds and the melody are unforgettable. At the moment, it quietly adds relief to longing for good life.


Yinghua Ren (China)

Graphic designer, illustrator and user experience designer who always has childlike innocence. She has the courage to happily try everything, not afraid of mundane and wrinkles.

Love cooking, music, art and writing.

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