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No. 3

Design Concept

I am both a designer and a disciple of Wudang martial arts, so I chose the "One-line Crossing" Wudang Quan. This martial move requires practitioners to fly by hanging ropes as swiftly as swan.

In order to match the design with the theme, I replaced the rope with the strings of the guitar in the form of graphic creativity, which spans the ends of the cliff and looks like a cable bridge. This is the bridge of music and culture, which may connect ancient and modern times, and also where the East meets the West.

I once read a poem by Yuan Jie, a poet in the Tang Dynasty: "Now there are three or four Taoist priests, and Ruzhi refines jade to lighten himself. The feather is next to the ravine, floating far away like a crane. I think what my picture wants to express is the scene of meeting Taoist priests deep in the mountains and flying over the clouds.


Xiaofeng Chen (China)

Chen Xiaofeng graduated from the Department of Visual Communication Design of the Chinese Academy of Fine Arts and the Department of Plastic Arts of Berlin University of the Arts in Germany. Graphic designers, university teachers and poster artists have won many awards and participated in international professional design competitions.

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