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No. 18

Design Concept

The whole work uses three colors: black, red and green, which can set off the title with high-saturation colors without losing the effect.

I choose to use collage and noise picture effects with strong handwriting to express the freedom of jazz music while adding layers of textures. In order to match the theme of the bridge and jazz music festival, several trumpet are listed horizontally, and the dynamic characters (including adults and children, and musicians) are also listed on it. In the middle, red ladders, like a bridge, are used to express that "jazz strengthens the connection between people". A light-colored graffiti-style small icons (including piano trumpet, etc.) is cushioned on the white background to make the poster not monotonous.

The whole picture is relaxed and pleasant. The flying notes want to show the enthusiastic and free side of jazz. I want those who see this poster to smile and make the audience more eager to participate in it. It is the audience and the performer who complete a performance together, in which jazz acts as a "bridge".


Ziying Zhang (China)

Ziying Zhang is a sophomore in Visual Communication Design of the School of Design of Zhuhai Campus of Beijing Normal University. She is a member of Zhuhai Graphic Design Association. She has had won three awards, including the Special Award of the Happy Commune Cup Font Design Competition.

Good at illustration and graphic design.

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