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No. 14

Design Concept

This poster depicts numerous bridges of sounds over the world as a metaphor. It is planned to give us a positive impact by use of various colors as Jazz has numerous sounds, telling that Jazz music can bridge feelings of various people living in various areas. The poster has been created with algorithmically drawn by Processing and with a manipulation of the image by image-making software.


Toshifumi Kawaguchi (Japan)

Toshifumi Kawaguchi is a digital artist and a graphic designer based in Tokyo,Japan. One of his recent concerns has been creation of digital art with combination of an image manipulation, vector graphics, and graphic drawing with Processing coding. In 2021, he was selected for exhibition IX Bienal Iberoamericana de Obra Gráfica as one of the finalists, and was also selected for Lahti Poster Triennial 2021. He had an excellent award in Asia Digital Award Fukuoka in 2019.

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