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MJFC Poster Exhibition

Get ready for the @Montreux Jazz Festival China poster exhibition! 🎨🎶🎉

We will hold a one-month showcase of music festival posters at the Grand Canal Music Park in Gongshu District, Hangzhou, from June 1st to 30th.

We picked the TOP 30 works among hundreds of submissions by artists from 15 countries including Switzerland in this year's poster competition, together with 24 @Montreux Jazz Festival posters of important cultural value to stage a visual feast for art lovers in Hangzhou.

We will loop play the creative concept videos of these artists on a big screen in the exhibition space as well as promotion videos of the Montreux Jazz Festival China.

The sponsor of this exhibition @Swiss InternationalAirlines will create an offline and online interactive quiz in Hangzhou. SWISS Stay tuned for more details coming this weekend on our Wechat account! 🇨🇭

Our other sponsor Swiss natural beauty, skincare and holistic wellness brand @WELEDA will also host an exhibition space. 🌱

A special thanks to Grand Canal Music Park and Hangzhou Cherry Hotel for their support!

* Warm reminder: At Wulinmen Pier, take a boat along the famous Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal to reach the Grand Canal Music Park which has just opened last year.

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