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Hong Kong All Stars Immersive Recording

Montreux Jazz Festival China (MJFC) Live Recording at Lau Bak, West Kowloon, Hong Kong, China.

Music platform "Artist Connection” is the world's advanced immersive playback platform. It is one of the rare applications to support both HD video and 360RA immersive audio. We specially tailor-made 360degree immersive audio music. You will only need a mobile phone and a pair of headphones (normal headphone) to bring you back to the real three-dimensional audio space. In addition to Artist Connection, we also received technical partnerships with Illusonic and Weiss Engineering from Switzerland.

這次錄音的主要技術平台 “Artist Connection” 是全球首屈一指的沈浸式(immersive) 播放平台。亦是唯一 同時支援高清視頻及360RA沈浸式音頻重播應用程序。我們特別為今次的音樂節度身訂造的360度沈浸式音 響製作,您將會只需要一支手機,一對耳機,帶您回到真實三維音響空間。除了Artist Connection, 我們還得到了瑞士洛桑理工大學 (EPFL) 的Illusonic及瑞士Weiss Engineering的科技支持,而今年的格萊美音樂技術獎獲得者正式Daniel Weiss正是Weiss Engineering的創辦人以及Asia Weiss的合夥人。


Ted Lo (piano / MJFC Music Director) / Eugene Pao (guitar) / Angelita Li (vocal) / Sylvain Gagnon (bass) / Anthony Fernades (dr) / Paulo Levi (sax) / Teriver Cheung (guitar) / Scott Dodd (bs) / Samuel Chan (dr) / Bowen Li (piano) / Izumi Chloe Nikaido (flute) / Lai Lai Louie (violin) / Alan Kwan (guitar) / Dean Li (dr) / Ricky Wong (piano) / Leung Chun Hin (bass)

Produced and Engineered by Kent Poon (CTO @MJFC) Video by: Thomas Lo@ 4321 Productions

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